European sensitive products transport and logistics expert


More than a transporter, a trusted partner

Choosing Samat means guaranteeing the transport of your sensitive products in compliance with the most demanding safety and quality requirements

It is the guarantee of a fluid and easy collaboration.

It is the ambition to always give you added value and the best of technology at the service of your performance.

Samat, on the way to safety!

At Samat, safety is our priority.

The main objective of every initiative and decision we make is to guarantee the health and safety of our employees, while protecting the environment.

We do everything we can to offer our customers the most demanding quality and safety standards.

Samat, expert européen

Our mission

To guarantee the completely safe transport of sensitive materials while giving our clients the best experience.

Let's build tomorrow's transport together!

Do you want to invest in a dynamic industrial group in which your opinion counts?

Do you want to grow in a safe and motivating working environment?

To you want to work in a human sized structure?

We need you! We need your talent to support our ambition!


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