Women’s Day: our French drivers at headquarters

On the occasion of International Women’s Day (March 8), we brought together 10 French female drivers at our headquarters.
It was a convivial occasion, with female drivers Carole, Sandrine, Maryline, Agnès, Mélina, Pamela, Géraldine, Véronique, Sabrina and Sandrine meeting up and sharing experiences.
Synonymous with diversity, this day showed just how essential it is to value the women in our profession. Through workshops, they were able to share their perspectives, expectations and, of course, their passion: the road.
After the opening address by Florence Dupasquier, a number of topics were discussed, including technical innovations and the creation of a women drivers’ network.
During the day, the Conduite Pluri’elle program was launched and presented. This program, 100% aimed at women drivers, is designed to take action on cabin equipment, PPE, etc. The aim is to make everyday life easier for our women drivers.
Also presented was our partnership with the Truckfly by Michelin application. Truckfly by Michelin supports drivers in their search for locations on the road, providing users with greater safety and reliability during their journeys. An application tested and greatly appreciated by our drivers!
In the afternoon, Marion Malinvaud Ferlin developed our drivers’ communication skills. By getting them to share their values and identities with each other, the workshop brought out ideas to raise awareness.
At the end of the day, a photo shoot was organized. The drivers were able to see the new trailers delivered, and took part in the photo shoot.
Proximity is a state of mind, a culture, which we integrate into the principles we defend. And that’s what we learned from this emotional day!
Much more than just transport, we are a European network with a family heart.