Our commitments

Let's make the roads safer together!

We strive to guarantee and protect the health, safety and physical integrity of people, goods and the environment through regular prevention, training and risk control actions. We are vigilant to respect good practices and attitudes, we work on the continuous improvement of our processes and we regularly audit our activities.

ACT - a daily commitment

Samat’s strategic CSR plan, in which employee can get involved and become an ambassador for our values.

The human is crucial

The prevention and reduction of occupational hazards, the integration and training of our teams and the significant resources deployed for recruitment are an integral part of the Samat culture. We are now focusing our progress on the quality of life at work to improve the organisation and working conditions of our teams.

Our planet is essential

Reducing the environmental impact of our activities is a constant concern for the Group (“green” technologies, good economic driving practices, optimised loads, etc.).

The company is an actor

We are committed to responding ethically and transparently to our stakeholders on a daily basis.

Quality, Health, Safety, Security, Environment : a committed approach!

Our status as a sensitive product transport specialist commits us : every initiative we take, every decision we make is for the purpose of guaranteeing the safety of our employees and the satisfaction of our customers, while protecting our environment.

We have chosen to implement a strong QHSSE organisation, focussed on prevention and the detection of risk generating behaviour. Our QHSSE coordinators and safety monitors are present in the field in all our subsidiaries.


Our certifications

ISO 9001 since 1992
Samat Group and its subsidiaries are ISO 9001 certified (Quality management)
SQAS: score of 93%
Quality, safety, security and environment management system assessment
Ecovadis: Gold level in 2023
"Gold" recognition level places Samat among the TOP 5% in the "Road haulage" category
Responsible Care since 2010
Goal : continuous improvement in the fields of environmental protection, health and safety
CO2 target since 2012
-1% less CO2 emissions every year. Since 2012, as part of the “Objectif CO2” three-year programme with ADEME (French environmental and energy control agency) SAMAT Group has made this commitment
Excellence approach
Excellence at the service of customers and Excellence at work from all our employees. “The good practices of all make the Excellence of a major Group”
Global Compact since 2019
In perfect harmony with the values of the United Nations Global Compact, in March 2019, Samat group launched the process of signing the “Global Compact”, which is centred on 4 main themes: Human rights, International labour standards, the environment and the fight against corruption

Our policies

The fundamentals
Ethics policy
Sustainable purchasing policy

Sustainable development : an environmental policy on each site

The challenges of sustainable development are at the centre of our concerns. We make sure we improve our energy performance by using the most technological, low consumption and emission tractors, or by using tractors with LNG engines. We use vehicles that comply with the Euro 6 standard and develop multimode transport as much as possible, we prevent all types of pollution linked to our activity and try to control our atmospheric emissions the best we can in order to limit global warming.

Read our Corporate Social Responsibility report (Communication on Progress)


Optimise our operating costs and develop effective partnerships in compliance with regulatory and environmental constraints.

Social responsibility

Based on the skills and integration of our employees and protection of peoples’ safety.


Prevent and control risks that can have an impact on the environment, reduce polluting emissions from our fleet of vehicles, raise the awareness of our employees on the correct attitude to adopt.
collaborateurs Samat

Specific training for each employee

Samat group trades require increased responsibility in terms of safety and a strong commitment to training and professional insertion.

Our overall professional risk prevention policy includes employee awareness raising and training actions.

All new arrivals are given mandatory initial training including modules covering safety.

This system is completed by specific trainings depending on the activity, with regular advanced sessions.

I am there from the hire of each new driver, (then) I support them for their induction and training throughout their careers at Samat. I also facilitate the customer interface and emergency situations

Pierre DESGRANGES, Safety Monitor Instructor at Samat Atlantique
Samat sécurité

Permanent safety awareness raising

There are specific QHSSE teams in all our agencies to remind employees of the correct professional gestures in an accident prevention approach. Audits, BBS accompaniments and spot checks on loading, on the road or during deliveries are implemented to detect incorrect practices and risk-generating behaviour and correct them.

Our communication campaigns

Many “shock” communication campaigns have been conducted to raise the awareness of our employees of road risks : loss of concentration at the driving wheel, fainting, tiredness, prevention of tipping, consumption of drugs and alcohol.

The dangers of alcohol

“On the road, alcohol starts by paralysing the reflexes”. A true policy to raise awareness of the dangers of alcohol, with awareness raising sessions and breathalyser checks.

The dangers of drugs

“There are no soft drugs at the wheel, there are only hard consequences”. Drug danger prevention with awareness raising sessions, displays on strategic locations, a special edition of the Safety letter...

Good driving practices

A booklet containing the good practices to adopt on the road, when loading or when delivering: comply with regulations, apply work procedures safely, wear Samat clothing (PPE)... This also covers rational, eco-responsible” driving : not leaving the engine running when stopped, not releasing any chemicals into the drains or onto the ground...

BBS principles

BBS (Behaviour Based Safety): a good practice guide intended to improve road haulage safety by working on driver attitudes, both on the road and during loading or deliveries. Our safety monitors are in charge of enforcing rational and safe driving rules: suitable speed, permanent vigilance, anticipation and aptitude.

High-tech equipment for increased safety and comfort

All our vehicles are fitted with the latest safety equipment. Our fleet is regularly renewed to guarantee reliable trucks compliant with the strictest European standards in terms of CO2 emissions.

We have chosen to fit our vehicles with Vehco technology, an embedded computer solution that gives our vehicles better traceability in order to optimise our deliveries. Drivers can also use it to monitor their driving data (consumption, speed, braking, deceleration, etc.) and if necessary improve their driving.

Samat trucks

An emergency organisation in Europe

There is an emergency phone number on every vehicle. A team, that can be mobilised 24/7 every day of the year involving site management and trade specialists, is capable of acting very quickly using adapted resources in the event of trouble.


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