Being a Samat driver

Every day Samat transports sensitive materials across Europe in maximum safety conditions. Meeting this challenge would be impossible without the key links in our chain: our drivers. The true guarantors of the quality of our service, they are also Samat’s image. In contact with our clients every day, it is they who pass on our values.


Sensitive material transporter, a different kind of driver


Being a transporter in itself requires high levels of rigour. Meeting schedules and safe driving are essential factors in any proper delivery.  But Samat drivers transport products that are different. Transporting sensitive materials requires much higher levels of requirements.

From loading to unloading, our drivers make safety their top concern. Respecting prevention rules, standards, processes, whether internal or client-specific, is crucial to the success of every operation.  Besides our continuous efforts to reduce polluting emissions, protecting the environment is especially important for us considering the sensitive materials we transport. We are aware of our responsibility, both in the selection of our staff and in the choice of our equipment.


A specialised, modern and innovating vehicle fleet


Composed of tractors, carriers, tanker half-trailers, chassis, mobile boxes and containers, etc. our fleet has over 4500 vehicles.


Samat is committed to offering latest generation vehicles fitted with the most recent technology both in terms of safety and comfort, while remaining uncompromising on environmental requirements.


Ground operated tanks, Standalone air conditioning, Euro VI and/or GNV, strengthened cabin sound insulation, a built-in refrigerator as standard, LDWS (Lane departure warning system), AEBS (Advanced emergency braking system), digitisation, etc. are just some of the examples of the efforts made to improve working environments, guaranteeing the best conditions. Embedded IT, in the form of Vehco touch tablets is an essential link between the driver, operations and the client. Communicating, navigating, but also getting an eco-driving assessment are its main features.


Missions accurately forwarded, instant and reliable data reporting, we are already preparing the future with full transport document virtualisation. 

Finally, to always have perfectly operational equipment, our drivers can trust our integrated workshops, the guarantors of effective and suitable maintenance as well as of the reactivity that is essential to our missions. 

When transporting sensitive materials, keeping a fleet that is permanently at the cutting edge of innovation remains essential.


How are Samat group drivers trained?


With the objective of ever better preventing risks, we massively invest in our driver training

In addition to our safety monitors, we can count on our expert drivers who are recognised for their seniority and their mastery of good practices. This type of tutorship is offered to better integrate new arrivals at Samat and make their induction easier. Our employees also benefit from professional training throughout their careers which in particular includes:


– Knowledge of European Labour regulations covering road safety.

– The mastery of regulations including those relating to the transport of hazardous goods by road (ADR).

– HSE training with our safety monitors or with professional instructors. 

– Training in preventive and eco-responsible driving.

– The discovery of new equipment.

– The training in certain client-specific processes.


Being a Samat driver: genuine career perspectives!


Our drivers all share the same human qualities. Our trust in them is based on their professionalism, their autonomy, their sense of responsibility and their soft skills. 


This is why Samat gives them the opportunity to have long careers with genuine promotional perspectives. Drivers familiar with our good practices can become experts in their fields within our organisations. More experienced professionals can become safety monitors.

They play an important role in risk prevention and monitor our teams’ HSE performances on a daily basis.


Our drivers have chosen a job that has meaning. It is thanks to them that we can satisfy our clients and transport their sensitive products that are part of our everyday life.