Communication that speaks to you



Samat: a family business on a European scale. Every day for the last 40 years, we rise to the challenge of transporting sensitive materials: chemical products, fuel, gas, etc. 

Our extensive presence throughout Europe means we can respond to our customers and their needs wherever they are: Germany, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Great Britain, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden. 

To support this growth, the company turns to its customers and the men and women who participate in its development, every day. For us, communicating is an opportunity to share the strengths of the group you work for as an employee, a group that you work with regularly as a customer or that you work alongside as a partner. 

The primary challenge for the group is to focus its attention and consideration on the people this content will address.

As an industrial company operating in a sector where constraints are heavy and challenges many, we must be sure that our communication will resonate with you. 

Communicating in phase with your agenda

As we created this communication campaign, we put the questions, interests and concerns of our employees and customers at the very heart of the process. 

That’s why we have chosen to communicate as a group, to share the commitments we make on a daily basis. It’s also the reason why we are talking to you, employees, customers, suppliers and service providers, to strengthen the ties that bring us together every day.

You, Samat Group employees, operators in Poland, drivers in Spain or sales managers in Sweden. You are the strength behind our European group. 

The size of our group, our European sites and our innovative drive are what enable us to work in our customers’ best interests.

The Samat group: as close as possible to its customers 

Our customers are the very reason for the commitments we make every day. Our commitment deserves your trust. That is how we operate as a partner.

Our European presence guarantees our flexibility and efficiency. The commitments we make are challenges we face every day. 

Customer proximity is our key philosophy. To preserve this proximity and work as a trusted partner, the people, property and environment in which we operate are extremely important. 

One of our group’s most important commitments is to ensure the quality of the services we provide our customers. Whatever the site, service or business in which we operate. 

Global, collaborative and international communication

To enrich our relationship, we are launching a communication campaign in October 2019. 

Keeping you updated about our news, commitments, values, business opportunities and training within the group seems to us to be the best way to further our collaboration. 

We are proud to be your partner. And we are committed to making sure these partnerships – with Samat employees and customers – develop sustainably and lastingly. 

Every week, you will find content where you can discover or rediscover our family group established throughout Europe. 

Through articles tracing our history, the jobs our employees do and the actions we take to make the world more sustainable, you will gain insight into the vision and values we hold dear.

Monthly newsletters retracing the latest articles and videos presenting the DNA of our European group and our multicultural strength.