Samat employees: we want your opinion

Within the context of our advertising campaign for the coming year, we believe it is essential we involve our Samat employees fully in this process. 

Employees and partners, the men and women who have made the group what it is today: a European leader in the transport of sensitive materials. 

As part of this initiative, you will be sent different types of content throughout the year. There will of course be articles to help you discover or rediscover the group, videos and posts on social media. 

The challenge for us is to not only advertise our strength as a group but also promote the working days of its employees.


Fully involve employees in the campaign 

To ensure that we include content that closely corresponds to your questions and interests, the first stage is quite simply to ask your opinion.  This is why every employee in the group, whatever their job, department or location in Europe, will be asked to complete a questionnaire.

This questionnaire has been designed specifically to help us identify the topics that are important to you, the everyday concerns that you have.

Completely anonymous if you like, the primary objective of this questionnaire is to precisely identify the different content that will be sent to you. Our priority is to adapt our articles to your concerns as a European group. 

Group Samat employees throughout Europe

This questionnaire is also an opportunity for us to promote our group’s cultural richness. As a European leader, our employees are present in many countries: England, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Spain and France to name but a few. 

Every environment and every cultural characteristic that make up the whole company give our employees a different vision of their profession. It is also a very interesting element in this advertising process. These different cultures give us a global vision of our methods and processes. Every employee must recognise himself in the group’s advertising but also in how it operates.  This is the challenge of a European group like Samat that is always growing.

Advertising for all on the group’s major themes

When an industrial group like ours begins advertising to its employees, customers and also its partners, it is important that everyone is included.  Providing information on a theme that is a key concern like sustainable development, presenting jobs and skills to all the group’s employees, explaining different offers…there are a great many topics to cover. 

This year 2019-2020, our commitments to our employees and customers are at the very heart of our concerns. The questionnaire you will complete will provide us clear information about your vision of our group. 

Success stories, directions for improvement, paths to growth, the work you do every day at our agencies throughout Europe is essential. Your participation is therefore very precious and will enable us to create the most relevant and fairest content. 

Your participation is our ambition. This questionnaire was created for you. Tell us everything!


Very soon in your inbox !