The Life Ecotravid project is finished!

Our sector plays a major role in the future of our planet.


It is therefore essential to find concrete alternatives to optimize our CO2 emissions.

In collaboration with the European Union, our Aquitaine branch decided to test the Life Ecotravid system. After a year of testing, the project is drawing to a close.


It has a single objective: to reduce fuel consumption and related CO2 emissions.

In line with our ACT environmental actions, Life Ecotravid uses the Virtual Drive Engine. Thanks to this, we are able to collect reasonable fuel consumption and emissions values based on elements such as air resistance, rolling resistance and gradient.

All these elements then help us in our transport planning, offering alternative routing options that are optimal for fuel consumption and GHG emissions.


All in all, the Ecotravid tool has enabled us to reduce fuel consumption at our Lacq branch by up to 4.7%.


To find out more about the project, go to: