Resoclean Europe: Samat’s cleaning service

The transport of sensitive materials is far more than just a simple journey. After being unloaded, tankers and containers have to be carefully cleaned. This stage requires techniques and processes that are specific to the products transported. They must also comply with the current legal regulations. Thanks to its subsidiary Resoclean, Samat can offer its customers a cleaning service that matches their high standards.

Resoclean: a network of cleaning stations


Since 1998, Samat has been able to provide a genuine cleaning service thanks to its subsidiary Resoclean. The six stations throughout France offer their services to all transport companies.


In our cleaning stations, we clean tankers and containers, barrels, IBCs and more. Resoclean accepts four main types of container for transporting:

– Chemicals

– Food products

– Powders

– And waste.


For the most part close to large industrial sites, Resoclean cleaning stations are strategically located. These sites have also been designed for drivers as they all have bathroom blocks with showers and pleasant lounge areas.


Resoclean techniques: efficient cleaning


Cleaning containers between two loads is an essential link in the logistics chain. This critical cleaning stage contributes to the required safety standards for transporting sensitive products.


Cleaning inside and outside, reconditioning, reheating, drying, disinfecting… Resoclean’s cleaning processes meet even the most complex of our customer specifications. We use high-performance equipment such as high-pressure pumps (up to 350 bars) a steam generator, and even techniques for capturing odorous vapours.


At the end the cleaning process, we provide our customers an ECD certificate (EFTCO Cleaning Document). This certificate guarantees the quality of the Resoclean service.



What are Resoclean’s policies in terms of safety and the environment?


Formal identification of the transported products, computerised management of cleaning methods and our cleaning all methods testify to our high quality standards. Regular SQAS assessments verify and validate our techniques and our compliance with recommended procedures, but that is just the start.


Our installations are involved in our initiative to fight pollution. This is why Resoclean is a member of the APLICA professional organisation which is, amongst other things, behind the ECD certificate. The second phase of Resoclean’s business is water processing. Every day, we check the quality of the wastewater and pass our remaining industrial waste on to other authorised processing centres.


The teams behind Resoclean’s performance


Our cleaning service boasts very high standards and that is down to the hard work of the Resoclean teams. Skilled and meticulous, in their job there is no room for error. This is why they make every effort, every day. They fulfil their mission to guarantee safety for others.


And that is a huge commitment. With an average of 12 years with the company, Resoclean’s employees have acquired exemplary expertise in their field. The complex techniques they use every day ensure a very loyal clientèle and in increase in cleaning station business, year after year.


The Resoclean team’s warm welcome and friendly approach to European drivers is greatly appreciated, from arrival to departure.


Our objective? We want sensitive product transport to have zero environmental impact.