Video profiles

Fast and curious - Anne-Marie Teysseire (General accounting Manager)

BLUE AT HEART 💙 🖌️ Today we present a portrait of Anne-Marie Teysseire, Team leader in the general accounting department since 2000. Her humour and smile have become legendary, but her favourite object may surprise you 😉

Fast and curious - Hervé Raton (Workshop manager)

BLUE AT HEART 💙 🖌️Today, we offer you the portrait of Hervé Raton, Workshop Manager at Samat Aquitaine since 2009.

Fast and curious - Christine Colas (Administrative manager)

BLUE AT HEART 💙 🖌️ Today, we share the portrait of Christine Colas, administrative manager at Samat Atlantique since 2006. 🚛 Returning to Samat for a short term assignment, Christine has finally progressed within the group by holding various positions over the last 15 years. She is now thriving in a job that offers her the opportunity to make many contacts and also to be in constant evolution.

Fast and curious - Krzysztof Frączkowski (Driver Tutor)

BLUE AT HEART 💙 🖌️ Today, we offer you the portrait of Krzysztof Frączkowski, referent driver at Samat since 2013.

Fast and curious - Laurent Bourdin (Responsible of fuel division)

BLUE AT HEART 💙 🖌️ Today, we offer you the portrait of Laurent Bourdin, fuel manager at Samat Rhône-Alpes since 2007.

Fast and curious - Martina Mullah (Planner)

BLUE AT HEART 💙 🖌️ Today, we offer you the portrait of Martina Mullah, planner at Samat UK since 2019. 🚛 The UK team is a small team and Martina really enjoys the family atmosphere. All the staff know each other very well. Martina is passionate about her job because it is very varied on a daily basis.

Fast and curious - Frida Löfqvist (Sales Executive)

BLUE AT HEART 💙 🖌️ Today we share the portrait of Frida Löfqvist, sales manager at Samat Nordic (BU West) in Helsingborg (Sweden) since 2017. 🚛 Frida is passionate about her job. She advises anyone who would like to do the same job, to always be ready for a day where you never know in advance what is going to happen.

Fast and curious - David Bland (Buyer)

BLUE AT HEART 💙 🖌️ Today, we share the portrait of David BLAND, Buyer at Samat since February 2020. 🚛 David is passionate about his job. Since he has been working at Samat, he sometimes even transforms his children's small trucks into blue and white. 😀👫

Fast and curious - Sévérine Vernay (Operator)

💙 BLUE AT HEART 🖌️ Today, we share the portrait of Séverine V. a Samat Rhône-Alpes collaborator since 2011. 🚛 After having worked for 10 years in the administrative department, Séverine gave a new turn to her career at Samat in 2019 by becoming a fuel operator. A job where every day is a new day.😀

Fast and curious - Frédérick Hallé (Operator)

BLUE AT HEART 💙 🖌️ Today, we share the portrait of Frédérick, operator in Samat Rhône-Alpes (France). 🚛 Frédérick lives the Samat adventure since 5 years and is passionate about transport since his early childhood.... Transport? Yes... But not only ;-)...

Fast & curious - Auriane Clément (Human Resources Correspondent)

BLUE AT HEART 💙 ️🖌️ Today, it's Auriane's turn to talk about her and her job at Samat. She's one of our Human Resources Correspondents and she works at Samat Prinquiau (FR). 🚛 She didn't join Samat by chance: since her childhood, trucks have been her passion. Moreover, she has her truck driver's licence.

Fast & curious - Martin Simpson (Monitor)

BLUE AT HEART 💙 Today, Martin Simpson (Samat UK) tells us more about him and his work.