Samat’s expertise at the service of the chemical industry


Since 1980, Samat has been committed to its customers on a daily basis to make the transport of their sensitive products safer. Including in the chemical industry.

Every day, the chemical industry innovates in order to improve everyone’s daily life, whether it is in the field of health, transport, energy or even in cutting-edge sectors such as nanotechnology.

Samat thus contributes to make all these innovations even more accessible to the greatest number of us.




Chemical industry, a key industrial sector in Europe


Chemistry is indispensable in our daily lives: energy, transport, pharmaceutical industries, electronics… Even renewable energies use products from the chemical industry.


  • Lithium-ion batteries in the blades of wind turbines are essential in the development of decarbonised energies.
  • Engineering plastics used in the textile, automotive and medical sectors.
  • Insulating products for the building industry.


Samat positions itself as a key partner, fully integrated in the supply chain of its European customers


1/ All of our European sites meet the same standards by applying identical processes (training / management / IT, etc.).

2/ Our European network provides our customers with a wide service coverage and proximity essential to their business.

3/ The expertise acquired over the years, the daily commitment of each employee and the risk control allows Samat to meet the requirements of each of its customers.

4/ Investment and technological innovation enable Samat to meet future challenges while continuing to build on its core values.

Discover how Samat transports sensitive products and especially, the chemical transport.