Isabelle Revol interview – 35 years at Samat

Joined on August 20 1985, it’s been 30 years that Isabelle Revol live the Samat adventure. HR Correspondent, she tells us about her career and her best memories.


After 35 years with Samat, what do you think about all these years spent with us ?

I feel like it was yesterday. I’ve seen drivers come in who were 20 years old, it was their first job, just like me. It feels weird watching us grow old together. Time goes by, but as our lairs evolve along with us, we don’t realize it. 35 years passed quickly, very rich emotionally and professionally. Very formative too.


You must have observed a real evolution in your position and in the Samat Rhône-Alpes agency (France), can you tell us about it?

We were not too much here at Seyssuel (France) : there were the management team and us. There must have been between 15 and 20 of us. I didn’t see these 35 years go by because I changed positions, I changed directors, the environment…

I grew up here, professionally and individually. I came here as a kid with no experience. I had never worked before, I had just finished a BTS. I started by doing the switchboard, I was doing diesel consumption with a small calculating machine. We didn’t have today’s tools, so I started the calculations 20 or 30 times over… Then I took over Mr. Meylan’s secretariat. As time went by, I touched on almost all the administrative positions until I got my current position: HR Correspondent.


What are your best memories at Samat?

It’s the trade fairs, physically hard memories because we didn’t sleep much. To be operational on Monday, we go up on Sunday to set up the stand. At 22, going to Paris for trade fairs was great, but also stressful: receiving clients to whom I sent commercial mails all year round. These were important moments for the company.

It was good times, we shared different things from everyday life.


Are there any events that have marked you during these 35 years?

Yes, there have been deaths, accidents of life, things that are more difficult to live through but that are part of the adventure. It’s hard, because I know them all. For me, drivers aren’t just numbers. I know the names of the 300 people here (Samat Rhône-Alpes) and I think that’s how it should be. These are strong memories.


How would you describe your career at Samat?

35 formative years, passing through all the administrative positions to have today, a serenity in the work. I am “blue”, Samat blue. I am proud to show that I work at Samat, I am proud to talk about the things that the company does.


A message?

I’m nostalgic because I see many people who arrived at the same time as me leaving. When some of them leave, it’s a little piece of my Samat story that goes away. I still feel young and yet I am one of the oldest Samat recruit. It feels weird!

I hope that the years I have left until retirement will be as rich as the years I’ve already lived!