Samat in a few key figures


Since 1979, when Samat was founded by George Meylan, we have been transporting sensitive materials. We operate at the four corners of France and now all over Europe.

Samat: international development with strong values


Despite its extensive expansion over the years, Samat has nevertheless remained true to its values: “sense of responsibility, customer satisfaction, skills development”.

We forged our presence in Europe thanks to the men and women who rise to our sector’s challenges. Working as closely as possible to our customers, our drivers travel the roads. We transport sensitive materials through the 12 countries where our agencies are established.


Proximity and customer service: a real dynamic for Samat


Closeness to our customers is something we have been cultivating for many years. It is the strength behind a company such as ours. It is part of our DNA. 

We are able to celebrate our 40th birthday today because of our 2,500 employees. Every day, they work hard to provide even more safety for the transport of these goods so essential to everyone’s daily lives in the automotive sector, industry, pharmacy, construction, etc. There are a great many applications. 

This birthday also represents the trust and confidence of our customers who work with us every day and are committed partners, by our side.



Our commitment to responsible and safe transport, every day


Together, we endeavour to provide reliable and sustainable transport. Our recent, diverse and smart fleet of over 2,000 regularly replaced motor vehicles respects the commitments we make every day: reduce our CO2 emissions, implement multi-modal transport systems, train our teams in eco-responsible driving practices and more

Since 2012, we have committed to reduce our emissions by 1% every year. We are also proud of our certifications over the last few years: ISO, SQAS, Responsible Care and many others. At Samat, expertise, safety and the environment go hand in hand. 

Our commitment is to the long-term through our different activities: transport of chemical products, fuel, asphalt and gas, tanker interior wash service and more.