Djibril Kamara, a committed operations manager

Your Samat experience…

I joined Samat as an Operator in 2017 and was there for 4 years. My aim was to develop the container part of the business in Le Havre.

Operations is a fast-paced job and that’s what I also liked: the planning, the search for solutions, which is not necessarily easy but interesting.

There’s also the contact with the drivers, knowing how to listen to them. They know their job and sometimes there are things that we don’t necessarily know, but they do. Being an operator requires patience and investment.

Today, as Operations Manager, I don’t do the planning anymore but I manage the operators. The team is gradually growing with the development of the activity in the Le Havre region. It’s a port area, we have the possibility of doing something big for Samat.

What has been your evolution?

My training has nothing to do with transport. I was in STAPS, I wanted to be a sports teacher, but I had to work early and stop my studies. I had to work very quickly and I evolved gradually.

Samat gave me the opportunity to progress. They invest in equipment that helps us progress every day and give us the means to develop the agency.

Any advice for those who read you?

Work pays off! You mustn’t give up. There is work, there is the possibility of doing good things, of evolving rapidly, but you must not give up.

You have to listen to the right people: that will allow you to evolve and progress in life.