From instantaneity to dematerialisation, Addsecure at the heart of our fleet

What is Addsecure?

Addsecure is an on-board computer system that today equips almost all of Samat’s fleet. It’s a tool that brings instantaneity: it allows the sharing of information in real time but also the dematerialisation of transport documents.

The aim of a system like Addsecure is to easily gather all the key information from the field.

 How does it work?

A box connected to the vehicle (FMS plug) and the tachygraph feeds back the essential data to control logistics activities and improve transport management. We can track our vehicles in real time and optimise transport.

For the sensor part, it’s a box installed in the vehicle and is wired to transmit a wide range of data: GO consumption, speeds, braking, energy, deceleration.

For the data visualization part in the cabin, the tablet support is fixed to the dashboard level.

How did the deployment of Addsecure at Samat proceed?

The training

The project team trained the “sedentary” teams. Everyone received general training and then the Group provided specific training for the operators to explain how the missions worked. We sometimes brought in monitors and directors who were also responsible for training the drivers.


The installation was done in 2 steps.

The first phase (May to July 2018) enabled all the vehicles to be equipped. By the end of summer 2018, the entire fleet was ready.

The second phase (October/December 2018) consisted of interfacing Addsecure with our transport management software in order to have the data of all the missions. In the last quarter of 2018, we had installed the shelves in all cabins so that we could start sending the “missions”.

Why did Samat decide to install this system in 2018?

There were two main reasons why the group decided to install the Addsecure system.

Firstly, it was essential that the operators could have reliable information in real time in an ergonomic and interactive universe.

In addition, our customers legitimately want more and more information about missions in real time. We have adapted to this strong demand and switched to a high-performance system.

A success for Samat

Today, we can estimate that the reliability of the system is 98 or 99% according to our internal surveys. It’s an extraordinary tool for improvement in all areas.

With such a tool, we have improved our profitability based on the analysis of our data and now we can control our activity 100%. The use of our data and the sharing of information between our teams facilitates better customer service and operational efficiency.

Now, we could almost say that from the driver to the operator, the whole team is sitting in the same truck.