Samat and gas transport

Gas is present in many products we use every day. Samat teams work to ensure that its transport is carried out safely. From Finland to France, we provide this service across 8 European countries.

4 keys figures of the gas activity at Samat

  • Gas transport was added to Samat’s activities in 1990.
  • With 37 million euros of turnover, gas activity represents 10% of our overall activity.
  • Samat has 120 vehicles dedicated to gas transport.
  • Among our vehicles, 50% are dedicated to bulk and 50% to conditioned.


Samat and gas transport

At Samat, we are committed to safe and reliable gas transport. Our commitment serves in particular the industrial (chemistry, building, food, automotive), electronic (electronical components) and health (medical gases, hygiene) sectors.


Bulk or conditioned, we transport…

  • Atmospheric gases, including liquid natural gases (LNG),
  • And liquid petroleum gases (LPG)


Sustainable commitment in gas transport

To ensure the quality and security of gas transport, we place sustainable development issues and innovations at the heart of our concerns : fleet of green vehicles, on-board IT solution (Vehco), incentives for eco-driving, compliance with ATMO (air quality) regulations and much more.


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